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ichingfortune.com takes great pleasure in offering free I Ching fortune telling readings using the Richard Wilhelm translation of the I Ching, to everyone!http://www.ichingfortune.com

School of Wisdom

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, may be the oldest book of the earth; it is certainly one of our greatest treasures of wisdom. As Confucius said, by following the counsels of the book, and studying it continuously,we can attain creative awareness in every situation. This web is dedicated to assisting in that life long process. It is designed for the moderate to advanced student.

Serena’s guide to divination

Divination and fortune telling have been around as long as humanity. The methods used can be as uncomplicated as scratches in the sand to the complex calculations of intricate astrological charts. Mankind has used knucklebones, entrails, sticks, stones and shells to divine the future. Even marks drawn in the dust were consulted for portents of what was to come. Later, dice and other man-made objects were used for the same purpose. Virtually anything can be used for the purpose of divination, as long as you are consistent.


Extensive list of articles on rune meanings, magic, layout and reading

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