It started as a simple blog. I’ve always been drawn to the alternative if not actively living it. As I get older, I find I have more confidence to make the changes I want in how I lead my life. That to me means getting back to nature, the old ways, the spiritual ways.

triskeleIn our modern world, we eat the wrong foods, imbibe the wrong drinks and take the wrong medicines. We have lost our way. Our connection to the earth is buried beneath a mountain of stress, fast living and toxins. All of which contribute to bad health, disease and yet more stress. It is an ever spiraling circle that we all need to break.

I believe the earth has always provided us with nearly everything we need to prosper. Healthy food, natural medicines and reliefs and a place to commune with higher realms. Our suspectability to marketing and penchant for laziness in our everyday life has led us away from nature to a highly manufactured lifestyle of processed food, medicines and artificial living. I have taken the plunge and decided to live my life as close to nature as is possible for me.

That’s not to say I have wandered off into the forest where i type this from a hovel at the base of a tree (although the idea holds a special place in my heart!). I hold a regular job, pay my bills and raise a family.

Day to day I am acutely aware of advertising all around us and how it can affect the way we think. I am very conscious of how ‘Big Government’ is shaping a society that is ever more controlled and turning people into dependents of the state. When one is dependent, it naturally involves giving up one’s freedom. By accepting every small step to dependency, we give away that bit more of our freedom until some day the Government will have the primary authority over our children.

I am on a constant journey to eliminate the chemicals from my life. Not just from food, but from cleaners, detergents, shampoos and the myriad of other products we use on a daily basis. I’m not sure how it will work out long term – do I lose my teeth from refusing to use toothpaste? Will my hair fall out from natural shampoos? I guess time will tell.

For me, this decision to approach and live life based on oneness with nature stems from a belief that we are all part of a living, breathing entity we call the universe. It is as much a spiritual journey for me as a practical one, though I know that is not the same for everyone.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep all my data online, to make it available to everyone instead of written out in my diaries. What you see in the ‘informational’ sections of the website are all the entries I would have in my notes, albeit spell checked and better organised! I hope they prove of benefit to you in your journey.