The eagle’s keen sight allows it to see what others cannot. It is therefore often used as a symbol of being able to see into other worlds or realms. Soaring to great heights, the eagle was also considered to be closer to the other realms and could therefore draw on mystical powers to give a greater view of the land to the shaman.

The Egyptians saw the Eagle as soaring over the ordinary and existing close to a mystical realm. These great heights allow the bird to see patterns in our lives and paths that we take, even when we are not aware of them ourselves.

eagleA powerful bird and a hunter of extraordinary skill, the Eagle is revered as one of the greatest birds in the sky. It is no surprise that the Romans attributed the Eagle to Jupiter or Zeus who was father of the Gods. The Eagle was also used as a symbol on the Emperor’s flag.

Even though the Eagle soars to great heights, it is a bird very much rooted in the earth, feeding and living there. It is worth remembering that as immersed as we can become in mystical words we must also pay attention to our earthly lives and look after the small but important details. The keen eyes of the eagle cover a great distance, picking out the smallest movement below. We should take time to cast our own eyes over our lives, paying attention to the details and how they fit into the big picture. This may mean taking a more hands on role in sorting out issues in our lives.

If you have visions of the Eagle as your spirit animal, this review of your life is important because the eagle symbolises that change is coming towards you. An awareness of greater things, being able to sense the connection between this world and others, the ability to soar to new heights – the eagle represents fearless strength as these changes occur.

When we have tackled earthly problems we will find we can soar higher like the eagle, enjoying the ability to glide over long distances as we travel – this could apply mentally as well as physically. We may be able to cover a lot of ground and gain a higher perspective than we have been getting. It can be a time of being blessed with the ability to travel our spiritual path while remaining grounded in the material as well.

When we see the eagle, it represents the element of air. We should pay attention to our mental processes and ensure that we are mentally living a clean life with a purpose – not jumping from one thing to another mentally, giving ourselves little time to solve one thing before our racing minds move onto the next. This is not the way of the eagle. The way of the eagle is survey the terrain below before swooping on his prey. We too must survey our terrain and tackle with focus that which is wrong.