The Meaning of the Tarot can be widespread. I approach the following in the sense of unifying all the cards in a coherent meaning, a tale or pathway if you will. I use the term Controllers to signify false gods.

0. The Fool

The first card of the Tarot represents all of us. We are the fool that sets out on our journey. We are blind to the dangers ahead, we are blind to the opportunities. Yet we set out spirits high and full of optimism, full of life. The Fool in a higher sense represents The Controllers of this universe, those who think it is their voice over the deep.

1. The Magician

The Controllers have all the tools they require at their disposal, yet they cannot emulate the Divine. Those tools are also available to us, but we must seek to understand their use and application. The tools are neutral, commonplace items available to all. When the Controllers use the tools, they seek to mislead man with their elaborate rituals. Those who understand the tools know that they possess them themselves and do not require Controllers nor magicians to act on their behalf. As we begin to understand the tools, so we begin to understand that we are part of the divine and everything we need is already within us.

2. The High Priestess

A deeply symbolic card, The High Priestess is the way of Truth. She is the hidden meaning, the divine that is obscured and hidden by the Controllers. She represents the divine knowledge we seek, she is the spark of the original, that spark that lies within all of us. Thus, with a spark from the divine within us are we connected right back to the original source.

3. The Empress

The Empress is the Mother that gives birth to us all. Coming after the High Priestess is representative that the hidden knowledge is born within all of us, that the divine spark is passed along within us. She is the beginning, the birth of new knowledge for the seeker as he journeys his own path.

4. The Emperor

Thus we arrive at those that seek to control and enslave us for their own greatness. The emperor is the ruler and order of the physical. This is the order of the controllers, not the natural divine order. The Emperor is the social order that keeps man chained in subservience, that creates borders, ownership and nations. For the seeker, this card represents the social norms and order he has become accustomed to. He will have to break through these if he wishes to discover the hidden knowledge of the High Priestess.

5. The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the gods of religion, the Controllers themselves, masters of all religion. Where the High Priestess is the hidden knowledge, the Hierophant is the overt. The Hierophant organises his religion through the Emperor to delude man into believing in the Controllers. On a personal level, the Hierophant represents the seeker’s religious god, the being that promises him salvation and threatens him with punishment. No man truly likes upsetting those that proclaim power over them, especially those that terrify his soul. This card warns that such a fate must be taken to task for those that seek the truth.

6. The Lovers

The Lovers signifies the union of man with the hidden knowledge of the High Priestess. The Lovers signal a new beginning for he who has discovered the truth. He holds it dear to his heart, wrapping himself in its truth like a passionate lover. Despite the teachings of the Hierophant and in defiance of the rules of the Emperor, his love for the Divine, as revealed in the High Priestess, cannot be quenched.

7. The Chariot

Placed early in the tale of the Tarot, before the final battle between God and the Controllers, its meaning is victory. It foretells that victory is to come, that the Hierophant and Emperor will be beaten by the glory of the Everlasting God. For the seeker of truth, The Chariot prophecies that if he has discovered the knowledge of the High Priestess and obeyed her message, victory will be his! Neither the Emperor nor the Hierophant can subdue him! The Chariot is testament that God already knows victory is his, that he has foretold the future and spoke of it to man.

8. Strength

Man has discovered the hidden knowledge, he knows the Hierophant and the Emperor proclaim their false gods, laws and religion! The hidden knowledge imbues him with strength and he begins to overcome the Controllers. Strength also symbolises the power of the Almighty God, that nothing can overcome God’s Will. Strength warns us to fortify ourselves for what is to come, for only by building upon what we know, will we withstand the trials that are to unfold.

9. The Hermit

The Hermit is the night before the battle with the Controllers. Knowing the deceit of the Heirophant and Emperor, we turn away from them. Man turns inwards, safe in the knowledge that within us is God’s divinity as revealed to us by the High Priestess! The Hermit is the Catholic’s long night of the soul. It is the seekers loneliness as he endures the torment of the Emperor and the Hierophant, their derision leaving him alone and shunned! The Hermit is very real for those that seek the truth. They will be shunned by the ignorant, cast out by the Emperor, condemned by the Hierophant! The seeker will be a hermit in a world full of men, only the knowledge of the High Priestess for company.

10. The Wheel of Fortune

in the long night of the soul we recognise the Wheel of Fortune, the eleventh card of the Tarot. We see our position on it and know that the wheel must complete its circle. We know that God comes and that the victory promised to us by the Chariot thunders towards us! That knowledge causes the Controllers to launch into their devastating final battle.

11. Justice

The card of Justice marks the halfway mark of the tale of the Tarot. It is fitting that it forewarns of the future. On a personal level, it promises Justice to those who have remained faithful and who will remain true to God. For Justice to be done, Judgement must be delivered. Judgement is a card that appears near the end of the Tarot. When the loneliness and isolation of the Hermit may break many, Justice reminds us that Judgement comes, that all our actions shall be weighed. It is both a call to balance our actions and do what is right, plus a warning to heed the request of the Everlasting One. Justice warns us not to turn away from the natural Will and truth that we have found within us, to not yield to the Emperor and Hierophant for Judgement cometh!

12. The Hanged Man

Having resolved ourselves to win and keeping the light of the High Priestess as our guide, the card of the Hanged Man is our new position in life. The material possessions the Controllers fooled us with fall from our pockets. Our possessions mean nothing! The laws of the Emperor mean nothing! The commands of the Hierophant mean nothing! Man has a new vision, one in which only the glory of God matters. Hanging upside down, he sees what is below is what is above, what is outer is inner, what is alive is dead and he who is dead, lives. On a divine level, the Hanged Man symbolises the recognition that nothing the Controllers have is good enough to defeat God. All their tools are useless.

13. Death

Death is not the end, but the beginning. For the seeker, it symbolises the end of one way and the beginning of another. The old way is left behind and the fraudulence of the Controllers defeated. On the divine level, Death symbolises the fall of religion and the beginning of the end for the Controllers. It is the start of the final battle. With all death comes new life, a new dawn. As the sun sets, so it rises. A new dawn is heralded in with Death, a new dawn that lies in the next card, Temperance.

14. Temperance

Temperance refers to the restoration of balance. For the seeker, he is at peace, content in the knowledge that he will defeat the Controllers. He is temperate in his actions, in his possessions, for they mean nothing to him. After all the trials and tribulations that have befallen the seeker, nothing terrifies nor disturbs him, for he knows the path that comes. Temperance also speaks of God’s coming, that he will not strike down all man but save those that heeded his call! Like the seeker, the Everlasting One will be temperate in his actions and measured in his deeds.

15. The Devil

The Devil is the sixteenth card of the Tarot and also represents the Controllers. Those who have followed the path recognise them for what they are, they have been stripped bare and revealed to be ugly, deformed and evil. They can no longer masquerade as gods, for the truth has been revealed. The worthlessness of laws and religion is shown as the work of Controllers. They are the devils, the serpents, the rebels thrown from Heaven. They come with great vengeance, angry that their ruse has failed. The Devil signifies the Controllers walking amongst us in full view, their evil plain to he who sought the truth!

16. The Tower

Nearing the end of the Tarot, the final battle of God and the Controllers is fought. The Tower, the next card in the Tarot, is the overthrowing of the Controllers, when God strikes them from their towers to the earth below. No longer can they claim to rule, for they have been tossed from the Tower like the worthless shells they are.

17. The Star

God’s coming is foretold by the card of The Star! He comes to wage war on the Controllers, his light shining in the darkness, a beacon to man! Not even the blackness of the Controllers can hide his light, it pierces the darkest night as the Controllers wreak havoc amongst man in their desperation.

18. The Moon

The Moon represents the hours of the final battle, when God’s light delivers his victory against the Controllers. Man trembles before the mighty war that afflicts him, the darkness of the night terrifies his soul. His only illumination is the reflection of God’s light. All those worthy of God’s wrath are struck down and the Controllers banished in the shadow of the moon.

19. The Sun

The Sun is the victory of God, the Sun which was destined to come since time began. The final battle has been fought, the Controllers defeated and the promised land is upon man. God’s light shines bright! All creation is restored unto God! Just as the day follows night, so the Sun has dawned, He who created everything visible to all.

20. Judgement

Judgement is the penultimate card, the judgement of man and his acts by He who is Forever and Ever. Judgement is the card that was promised by Justice. The seeker gladly accepts Judgement, the ignorant fear it.

21. The World

It tells of perfection, the full circle that has been travelled by man. It speaks of the new world that God fills with those he has chosen to save, it speaks of the Wheel of Fortune, that has come full circle to its original point.