June 22nd – July 22nd

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and is a real family orientated sign. Water is the element of Cancer and it symbolises the emotional nature of Cancerians. Putting down roots, having a centered family life and close knit circles of family and friends that span all ages are all hallmarks of those born under the sign of Cancer. This sense of loyalty to the family stems from a deep rooted need for security and thus opens up many of the contradictions inherent in Cancers.

Despite their maternal and emotional instincts, Cancerians do not take easily to trusting others. In marriage, Cancerians will likely insist on their own financial independence. They will fly off the handle when they perceive the security of their family to be threatened. This can result in many dramatic moments on a weekly basis as Cancerians over-react to life events – but only after a suitable period of brooding on the problem has elapsed. When the situation is resolved, Cancerians will revert to nurturing and caring for all around them and ensuring that family life is running smoothly. These dramatic moments serve to re-enforce the Cancerian aspect of requiring plenty of attention from those around them which helps their sense of security.

Given their close relationship with water, Cancerians are naturally intuitive and can sense the emotions of others. This lends itself to making them good psychics and Cancerians should be careful of picking up the energy and emotional needs of others. They are the ones many turn to when they need a sympathetic ear and Cancerians will invariably find it hard to refuse to help others.

Giovanni Maria Falconetto (1468–1535) - Sign of cancer
Giovanni Maria Falconetto (1468–1535) – Sign of cancer

These traits are reflected in the ruling planet of Cancer – the Moon. Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun so too will the Cancerian pick up the reflected light of others.

They are kind hearted and protective and will find many people revealing secrets to them willingly. Their ability to listen, understand and empathise with the problems of others makes them natural counselors.

With a strong urge to nurture, Cancerians can stray too far and become almost domineering in a relationship. Done with the best of intentions, this trait can result in very lop sided marriages where ‘the boss’ has the first and last say on everything to do with family life. Any attempt by the partner to influence an outcome results in a well familiar dramatic outburst as the Cancerian will view it as as an assault on the security of family life.

Creativity is a natural outlet for emotional release and thus many Cancerians end up in careers such as design, marketing, art, drama and music. Those born under the sign of Cancer will instinctively use their emotional energy in almost everything they do – cooking with flair, dancing with passion, staging a dramatic event – nothing will ever be run-of-the-mill work to a Cancerian.

For those born under this sign, it is usually immensely interesting to keep a ‘moon diary’ and see how the phases of the moon influence their moods. The results could well be surprising.

Like the crab, those born under this sign can retreat into themselves when faced with dangerous situations. It may take some time for them to revert to normal and will only do so when the situation has passed. When forced to defend, the Cancerian can strike a painful blow and often will strike at the most emotional aspect of another. They are not above using their ability to sense the emotional needs of others to manipulate and defeat opponents and thus in arguments their words can often sear through the hearts of others.

Releasing all the pent up emotion is often accomplished through physical exercise. Cancerians would do well to find a method of letting go of all the anxiety generated by their constant intuition and ability to feel the energy of those around them.

Element: Water


Planet: Moon

Metal: Silver

Colour: White, Silver

Anatomy: Associated with the stomach (‘the gut feeling’)