Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and comes in a wide variety of colors. Its name is derived from Sri Lankan where ‘Turmali’ means’precious gem stones‘. Iron rich tourmalines are normally black to deep brown while magnesium rich varieties are brown to yellow and lithium rich tourmalines can be any color.

Tourmaline is mined in many countries including America, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa and Afghanistan.

Schorl Tourmaline
Schorl Tourmaline

The most common varieties in gemstones and magical workings are Schorl tourmaline (black to black-blueish color) and Elbaite (lithium rich) tourmaline (variety of colors).

Tourmaline in general is used for happiness and a lightening of the aura or mood. Its specific color will build upon this central theme.

Schorl tourmaline is used for protection from negative energy and for grounding. It is considered a lucky stone.

Watermelon_TourmalineWatermelon tourmaline is a green colored stone around the edges with visible pink in the centre and/or white. It is used for success & health (green), love (pink) and calm (white). Yellow tourmaline brings self esteem and blue brings serenity.

Because of the wide variety of colors, tourmaline can be applied to the various matching colored chakras and is spread across the Zodiac.


Mohs hardness: 7-7.5
System:  Trigonal crystal system.
Lustre:  Vitreous
Color: Wide variety of colors
Deity: Depends on color eg Venus = pink, Mars = Red
Element: Depends on color e.h black/brown = earth
Magickal Uses: Protection, luck, health, success, love, happiness