Limestone is common in Ireland, variations taking up swathes of the country particularly in the centre. It is a sedimentary rock, composed mainly of calcite and aragonite crystals (which themselves are variations of calcium carbonate). Generally, limestone will have at least 80% calcium carbonate.

The rock is especially famous for cave systems, often resulting in stunning features such as stalagmites and stalactites. These occur as water erodes the rock relatively easily to form caves. The passage of water through the overhead rock can produce a drip-drip effect of minerals that over thousands of years form stalactites or stalagmites.

limestoneLimestone is widely used in numerous products in the world around us today Рcement, toothpaste, blocks for building (such as the pyramids of Egypt!), white coloring  in plastics, as an additive in food, medicines, chalk and cosmetics

The rock can take on various shades of color which can influence its magickal properties and relevant chakra – e.g. pink for love and understanding, white for cleansing or spiritual work, red for the base chakra. The image below gives a brief overview of each chakra and the color associated with it.

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In magickal workings, limestone in general can be used to calm and relax. Its composition of clays, sand and organic material is good for centering and grounding us while we calm ourselves of our stresses- almost as if the limestone is absorbing the negative energy around us.

White limestone in particular can be good for meditating on and enhancing our connection to spiritual worlds.

If you are stuck for limestone, chalk sticks are a commonly available substitute.



Mohs hardness: 3
Lustre:  Vitreous
Color: Wide variety of colors
Deity: Depends on color eg Venus = pink, Mars = Red
Element: Depends on color e.h black/brown = earth
Magickal Uses: calm, relaxation,spiritual, grounding