Sandstone is one of those rocks that are so often overlooked in magick and witchcraft. It is common, plain and on first impressions, doesn”t look like anything to get excited about. A bit like grass and when was the last time you heard of grass being used in a magical setting?

But just as everything originated with The One, so it is possible to use every rock there is as representative of aspects of The One. As always, it is important to feel the properties of the rock yourself and study how its energies play out. This is more so for rocks that are unprocessed because a lot of them are mixes of various types of rock. For example, quartz is commonly found mixed in with slate and basalt clumps attached to other rocks are commonplace. How an individual rock affects energy is therefore very much affected by its makeup.

Sandstone is formed mainly from sand or rock grains transported by water or air and then deposited in an area where layer upon layer builds up. Bits of shells, minerals, skeletons and mud all contribute to the creation of sandstone and colors vary from tan to red. The color is derived from the type of rock that was withered away by the wind or water before being deposited and sandstone formed.

Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar. The compression of sandstone by tectonic movement creates quartzite.

The manner in which sandstone is created makes it a good rock for use in any spell or ritual that seeks to bring about unity between diverse positions. It is associated with Air or Water, the two elements that are necessary for its creation. It may be possible then that sandstone formed by wind transportation primarily, may be more suitable for use as an Air element whereas sandstone formed by water process can be attributed to the element of Water.