Bloodstone (Heliotrope) is a green chalcedony (a form of silica) spotted with red flecks giving the appearance of drops of blood. The red flecks come from iron oxide or red jasper. The stone can also bear yellow flecks in which case the stone is called plasma.

Heliotrope is derived from the Greek ”helios” (sun) and ”trepein” (to turn) which described the manner in which the stone reflects light. Traditionally the stone was ascribed to the month of March and in astrology it is the stone of Pisces (Feb. 19th – March 20th). Due to its unique appearance, the stone was used in medieval times by Christians to carve martyrs and the crucifixion (“the martyr”s stone”). The story was that drops of blood from Jesus fell onto jasper at the foot of the cross. Another story is that the drops of blood fell onto the green earth and solidified.


Bloodstone. Picture courtesy of Wiki Commons user, Avihu


Bloodstone is used in healing for promoting good circulation of energy and blood and removing energy or blood blocks. In ancient Egypt, the stone was used to treat tumors while in Europe it was believed to stop haemorrhages. For this reason, soldiers carried it to stop the loss of blood from wounds. It is used for cleansing the blood and stimulates the immune system to fight infection. It is also a good gem to use in aligning the chakras. Its main chakra is the root chakra. Bloodstone is said to work well in relieving bladder and stomach pains.


In magickal use, bloodstone is closely allied to its healing properties. Use it for energy work and rituals designed to direct energy. Witches use the stone to increase energy and control of it. It is also a great stone to use to clear confusion and gain clarity of thought and so is a popular stone to have around when doing readings or divinations. The stone promotes strength – both mental and physical. In spell work, mental strength could mean self-confidence, strength of character, strength of will or simply, courage. There is a connection also to wealth given the stone”s color (green).


Bloodstone is aligned to Mars or the Moon and is of the element Fire or water, depending on use. It seems its alignment to water arises from its ancient Greek name, as the stone is reminiscent of the sun setting into the ocean so it can be used in workings promoting change.